Appeals Policy



Dragon Training/Hyfforddiant y Ddraig LTD is a progressive training company providing mandatory training to a range of organisations. We provide a wide range of training.

At Dragon Training/Hyfforddiant y Ddraig LTD we are committed to providing high quality training courses and ensure that equality of opportunity underpins all aspects of our work.


This policy relates to complaints that our customers, students and suppliers may have about our company and sets out our formal procedure for dealing with such complaints.


It is important that all appeals are raised directly with Dragon Training/Hyfforddiant y Ddraig LTD


Our appeals policy is a two stage process, each process is detailed below, most complaints will be resolved to a satisfactory standard at stage one.


If the complaint is not resolved at stage one then it should be escalated to stage two

Stage one:

Ÿ  Complaint is raised directly with the assessor conducting the assessment, who will deal with the concern/complaint at the time that it is raised.

Ÿ  The usual course of action would be for the candidate to repeat the assessment.


Stage two:

Ÿ  If the candidate is still not happy with the outcome of the second assessment they should raise this as soon as possible with the course tutor or centre manger, details of the directors are provided here:

Ÿ  Gethyn Bowen/Simon Ormesher, 23 Tegid Street, Bala, Gwynedd,LL23 7EH, 07896636160,

Ÿ  We will aim to resolve all complaints within 10 working days in writing.


You will need to provide the following information:

Ÿ  What the complaint is about

Ÿ  Your full name

Ÿ  The training providerís name


Dragon Training will keep a written record of all appeals made and the outcomes, this will be made available to any inspectors or other organisations that conduct Quality Assurance based audits.


Our primary is to provide high quality customer focused training, therefore we aim to have very few appeals to our decisions and certainly aim to resolve any appeals within our company.







This policy was approved by: Gethyn Bowen & Simon Ormesher